Earlier this month TaylorMade’s new ‘M’ family, showcasing the 2017 M2 Irons, was officially released at their 2017 product launch, West Palm Beach in Florida.

Read Golf Editor, Harvey Jamison, went to meet the guys at National Club Golfer to test out the new range of M2 irons.

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The 2016/2017 season has been incredible for TaylorMade. Poster boy, Dustin Johnson, clinched victory in the U.S. Open at Oakmont earlier in the year, which was a clear highlight for the team. Followed, by Justin Rose winning the gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

However, TaylorMade’s overriding success is ultimately down to the popularity of the M1 and M2 products, even with parent company Addidas leaving them to stand alone.

Both sets of clubs were huge hits on the market and even with some of the best players in the world. With the likes of Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose bagging the clubs for the last competitive season.

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Continued success for TaylorMade can be seen in the sheer amount of non-TaylorMade staffers making M1/M2 drivers and fairway woods their clubs of choice. This most recently has seen Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods make the move.

The launch, in Flordia, was attended by the worlds golfing media incluidng; Golf Digest, National Club Golfer and YouTube stars Me and My Golf, where TaylorMade treated them to a blockbuster unveiling of the new ‘M’ family, including an appearance by Dustin Johnson.

To me the new M2 irons are a great improvement on the 2016 product and will be a solid equipment choice for anyone looking for that desired added distance.

So, what do the 2017 M2 Irons promise? 

  • Greater Distance
  • Maintained height and launch
  • More forgiveness

But do they deliver? I got the chance to test the clubs supplied to National Club Golfer at the Leeds Golf centre.

First Hit: TaylorMade 2017 M2 Irons

The tech: 2017 M2 Irons 

There’s no surprises but the design form the 2016 model has changed.

The look is a lot different. The 2016 models really did have a feel of a performance enhanced club, very bulky with a grey and black finish. The 2017 irons have been given a face lift; a sleek and thinner model with a nice silver and more traditional finish.

Thick-Thin Fluted Hosel

Weight has been saved, around 5 grams of mass, across the face of this club and placed to the bottom of the head.

This lowers the CG, promoting you to achieve a nice high launch and more ball speed.

Face slots

These have been added to the 2017 model to improve the performance on off-centre hits.

This will help to reduce the amount of distance lost on mis-hits.

The irons also include a new thin-wall speed pocket, is designed to increase face flexibility and give more forgiveness across the face.


It’s no secret that the 2016 irons did have quite an aggressive and ‘harsh’ sound. But this new improvement technology in the 2017 M2 irons, that Taylormade are calling Geocoustics is designed to bring that more traditional sound.

How do Taylormade define it?

“Acoustics tuned through geometry to create ideal frequencies for pleasing sound and feel.”


A new 3D-badge and dampening system has been used behind the face to create a more satisfying sound.

The Hit: TaylorMade 2017 M2 Irons

So how did they perform when I hit them?

There’s no two ways about it, I did find extra distance in most shots. The club I’m basing this review on is the 2017 M2 8-Iron.

In that swing, I wasn’t trying to ‘smash it’ but was giving it a decent and convincing hit. Now, with the irons I’m currently using, an 8-iron travels around the 160 yard mark and the 2017 M2 irons were definitely flying further.

A middled and well-struck shot was getting up to around the 175 yard mark, which is a good 10-15 yards further for me.

Similarly the flight was incredible. Even though they were travelling further I was getting a much better launch, with the ball popping up in the air and maintaining a nice height.

Source: National Club Golfer Magazine

Turning to the sound of the clubs, the Geocoustics engineering has certainly worked. It’s a lot sweeter, no where near a ‘ping’, but brings a more traditional sound and feel to the club.

The 2017 irons performance with mis-hits was also better than I expected.

I managed to cover all places on the club face (unintentionally) for the different types of strikes all players might struggle with, and did not notice a huge loss of distance.

Overall Impressions

In 2015/2016 the M2’s were the best-selling iron in the USA and you can see why! Increased distance and more forgiveness will appeal to most amateur golfers – especially high handicappers looking for more distance.

It’s a great look. A huge improvement on the 2016 M2 irons and has regained a defined image which does give a more professional look.

The chrome finish is very smart and gives a much more gentler and exclusive look than than dark and chunky finish from last season.


If you are looking for more distance and forgiveness, then these are perfect for you. These are performance irons which will really enhance your game and not just for the higher handicaps.

These would benefit my game a lot, but personally I feel that some of the distance gained is quite silly. The 8 iron I’ve based the review on was essentially a 7-and-a-half iron in disguise!

I wouldn’t expect many of the worlds top player to use them or lower handicapped golfers. But the 2017 M2 irons are a solid club.

Stock Details


The 2017 M2 Irons have unbelievably string lofts – proabbly the strongest out there. Meaning the ball  goes further and due to a low centre of gravity it allows the ball to get lofted.

7 iron loft: 28.5° — Standard 6 loft around 30°.

4 iron loft: 19.0°


TaylorMade market line

How do they see it?

Distance will get you to the green – but distance and height – will help you stay there. This is the key concept behind M2 Irons.’ – TaylorMade Golf

Retail Price

Steel 7-piece set – £699

On Sale 

Available January 27th 2017