The Masters of Golf Tournament has been scheduled for a week in early 2019 from 8th April and through to the end of the week ending on the 14th of April. It will be played at The Augusta National Golf Club which is a private club and is only accessible to club members and their guests. The public can visit the golf course only during the Masters Tournament and only with the proper ticket or badge.

The Masters Golf Tournament is one of the four major championships in men’s professional golf and it is played every April in Augusta, Georgia. The 2019 tournament will be the 83rd time The Masters is played.

The Masters Golf Tournament is always played at the Augusta National because it is the founding club for this tournament and makes sure that it is played each year at the same time.

Being one of the most famous golf courses in the world, the Masters Golf Tournament tickets are out for sale for a long time before the tournament and attract a large crowd of fans. It is a coveted event and as such brings a lot of attention as well as an early rush to get the tickets.

Masters tickets are quite difficult to find, in fact, they are among the toughest tickets in all of the sports to get. And if you are able to find 2019 Masters Tournament Tickets, it will require a lot of money, perhaps even thousands of dollars, just for the purchase of one ticket.

There are some recent adjustments though; Augusta National Golf Club began making a small number of tournament tickets available for purchase through a random drawing following online registration.

The tournament begins with three days of practice rounds as well as some other traditional activities and events, and a champions dinner. This is followed by four days of the tournament which will end with the Green Jacket Ceremony and with the Trophy Presentation.

Not any golfer is qualified to play in the Masters tournament but there are rules that bind the golfers not just for playing but even for the application in the first place.

Former winners of the Masters, the Us Opens, British Opens, or winners of other major golf Championships have a priority. Next comes the finishers who have reached the finishing stages of a championship. And lastly, the golfers who have qualified in a world ranking or a winner in an amateur championship.

The 2019 Masters Golf Tournament is a huge event with the most prestigious title in golf that is only rivaled by The Old Course at St. Andrews and Pebble Beach. Along with the games themselves, there are other attractions like a tour of the famous landmarks at Augusta National and an explanation of how Amen Corner got its name.

For golf fans, it is the most sought out event to attend, and at the same time it is not easy to get in and attend a game, so the earlier the better, otherwise you will be forced to go to a broker who might charge more than you could imagine for a game of this importance.