A Scotty Cameron putter used as a backup by 14-time major winner Tiger Woods has recently sold for a massive $44,401.20 at a Green Jacket Auction, Golf.com report.

Woods, 42, who has recently come back to full fitness after having back surgery four times, won 13 of his 14 major championships using the same custom putter made by Cameron.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport

The auction summary said that Woods was made between one or two backup putters a year and even tested them regularly to make sure they were fit for use.

The putter that sold for the incredible sum was made in 2001, the year that Woods completed the Grand Slam after winning the Masters, however, it is unsure as to whether or not Woods actually used the specific putter in any major tournaments.

Green Jacket Auctions are well known around the world for having high quality golf memorabilia, with an official Augusta green jackets sometimes being made available.