Golf’s governing bodies, known under the name “R&A” have made it clear they intend to take action to limit the flight of the ball.

USGA chief executive officer Mike Davis had previously suggested that measures could be taken to address the incredible distances players were able to hit the ball.

Now, R&A chief Martin Slumbers has made it apparent their discussions are to begin on how these distances can be curtailed.

Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images Sport

Referring to driving distances, Slumbers said:

There has been significant move up across all tours

We’re also looking at the longest on record average driving distance and both of those have caused us, as well as our colleagues at the USGA, serious concern.

The issue had previously received attention, but the speed at which Slumbers is now noticing change has motivated him to take action.

We had talked for a number of years about slow creep, and this is a little bit more than slow creep. It’s actually quite a big jump. Our 2002 joint statement of principles put a line in the sand, or purported to put a line in the sand.

Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images Sport

I think our view is when you start to look at this data now that we have probably crossed that line in the sand and that a serious discussion is now needed on where we go.

A report will be complied and released by the R&A next month on the issue, and what might be done.